What is OMR?


Optical mark recognition is the process of automatically extracting data from noticeable fields, such as check-boxes and fill-in the fields, on printed forms.

Optical mark reader is a complete OMR solution for educational institutions. It is used in every normal scanner to check the answer sheet. The answer sheet used is any normal paper.

OMR is a prevailing (existing) tool, which has various features. OMR solves the problems faced by most educational institutions.

Our OMR services include,

  1. OMR is a device used to read the pencil marks in forms only.
  2. Use HB pencil and black pen for filling the OMR forms.
  3. OMR manually helps to convert the simple pattern forms into an OMR pattern form.
  4. OMR helps to calculate statistical data as well.
  5. OMR is a swift and consistent way of feeding large volumes of simple data.
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