Question Paper Management


We offer the system to generate Question Paper for MCQ Exam. Up to 100 type/s of Question Paper created from same Questions by jumbling the Questions and options.


Question Paper Management System (QPMS) is used to generate Question Paper, within few minutes. Questions must be added by data entry by the institute, in the system. Questions can be added, edited or deleted, at any time. QPMS can be used for any subject, any medium and any standard.


  1. Question bank can be improved by adding, editing or deleting the questions, as per institute’s choice.
  2. Paper series (A, B, C, D, E…..) can be formed automatically.
  3. Question paper / Question bank can be saved LIFE TIME in data bank.
  4. No restriction of space for creating the question bank either subject wise or chapter wise or section wise etc.
  5. MCQ Question paper can be set for any number of questions as desired.

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