OMR Reading Features


Besides MCQ Exam Solutions we are capable of conducting opinion poll based on OMR Sheet and we also conduct market survey based on OMR Sheet.


  • Smarter, Accurate & Fast OMR Reader
  • Batch Creation
  • Scanning (Simplex & Duplex)
  • Recognition 100-150 pages per minute
  • Exception Generation
  • Verification
  • Export Faster
  • Produces Different Reports with Analysis
  • User and Machine Security
  • Adjustment in Marked and Unmarked Bubbles Threshold
  • Adjustment in Shapes of Bubbles(Circle, Oval, Rectangle, Etc)
  • Supports Different Types / Signs of OMR (Answer) Sheets
  • Auto Rotation of OMR (Answer sheets) if scanned upside down
  • Verification Module for Students Mistakes in writing seat no., paper code etc
  • Preparing suggestion report for the student / management
  • Negative Marking as per Examiner’s / User’s choice

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