Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS)


Complete Tamper proof solution for Scanning, Signing and Posting of Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS).


DIS Scanning Software Application ​​Features:


  • Scanning of DIS.
    • A. Default TWAIN interface.
    • ​​B. Automatic Document Feeder support (Scan multiple documents with an automatic document feeder).
    • ​​C. Support for duplex scanning.
  • Automatically detects the image’s orientation and rotates it so that the text on it is upright oriented.
  • Recognize DIS Serial Number and Auto enter with the help of OCR.
  • Automated entry for Annexure and Versioning.
  • Verification of DIS Serial Numbers / Annexure / Versioning.
  • Auto Validation to stop rejection.
  • Convert Scanned Images to Black and white, 100 DPI, Tiff and size below 50 KB.
  • Export With / Without Signature as per specification in Zip file.
  • Export of scanned images for back office Import in specified format.
  • Import Response (Reconciliation report).
  • Monthly Tamper Proof Storage in CD /DVD.
  • Search scanned DIS.
  • Auto Validation as per COD to stop rejection and Remind if any DIS pending.

As per SEBI circular no. CIR/MRD/DP/ 01/2014 dated January 07, 2014:

1. The depositories shall ensure that their DPs have adequate infrastructure, systems and processes to implement scanning, storage and transfer of the scanned DIS in the manner specified by the depositories.
​2. The depositories shall ensure that the systems set up by the DPs maintain proper records of all scanned DIS images including audit trails for changes made, if any and put in place adequate checks and procedures to prevent unauthorized changes to scanned DIS.​

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