CKYC Management System


We offer the system for Fast and Accurate Compliance to CKYC / KRA


CKYC Features


  • Fast and Accurate Compliance to CKYC / KRA.
  • Easy Synchronization with Client Master/ UCC/UCI/ PAN site data
  • Variable printing of CKYC forms.
  • Scan CKYC with Automated signature / Photo crop facility with Size define by CKYC.
  • Data entry from Scanned Images.
  • Checker Concept (Dual Approval).
  • Automated import Stage 1 and Periodic Response.
  • All required CKYC validations are taken care of to avoid rejection.
  • Automated Exception Generation.
  • Easy Administration module.
  • CKYC bulk download for Existing CKYC registered clients.
  • KRA bulk file export.

The PMLA states as per rule (9) (I) (1):
(1A) ″Subject to the provisions of sub-rule (1) of the Prevention of Money-laundering Act, 2002 every reporting entity shall within three days after the commencement of an account-based relationship with a client, file the electronic copy of the client´s KYC records with the Central KYC Records Registry.″

(1C) Where a client submits a KYC Identifier to a reporting entity, then such reporting entity shall retrieve the KYC records online from the Central KYC Records Registry by using the KYC Identifier and shall not require a client to submit the same KYC records or information or any other additional identification documents or details

(1D) A reporting entity after obtaining additional or updated information from a client under subrule (1C), shall as soon as possible furnish the updated information to the Central KYC Records Registry which shall update the existing KYC records of the client and the Central KYC Records Registry shall thereafter inform electronically all reporting entities who have dealt with the concerned client regarding updatation of KYC record of the said client.

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Client Satisfaction

Document Management System (Digitisation)


We provide digitization services under one roof i.e. preparing customized software and its applications, scanning and retrieval/search facility for old and large hand-written records.


Fully Automated Document and Inventory Management Control as per client’s need. Old hand-written/printed inventory records could be scanned and backup on DVD with Search facility.


We are well equipped with Computers, Laptops, Book Scanners, ADF Scanners, Laser Printers, Digital Cameras, webcams etc. We, at Info-Kin, provide excellent quality results in time bound manners for our clients. We have undertaken and executed small and large size projects successfully.


Our clients list includes Schools, Colleges, Private and Public Institutes, Automobile Dealers, Hospital, Share Broking Agency and Software / Tendering Companies.



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